This was my second study guide that I had used to prep for my real estate license exam. It was much more useful than the first one I tried. The questions were harder compared to the other guide I had used, and I liked the way the quizzes/tests were set up so you had to pass in order to move on. Going into my exam I felt confident in passing because of the Real Estate Exam Scholar study guide.

-Zherr-Anne Aquino-Ng

Great site. Lots of questions that make you think and research to help prepare yourself.

-Christopher Ayala

This course is just right to pass exam. There is lot of stuff to read but one should prepare keeping exam in mind and this course was perfect. I passed my exam first time. I did not enroll in any other online course. Every penny was worth it.


The BEST preparatory course for real estate licensing. I recently went through the course twice and just got back from the CA state test, and I passed ! The first time ! I was the first one finished, and felt that I could never have done so without the assistance of this course. Thank you very much ! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to pass the test. This is my 2nd state that I am licensed in, with a great deal of difference between the two states, which made it harder for me. The focus to the laws and procedures of my state was right on ! licensed in real estate in TN and CA !

-Mark Corradetti

I really liked the course. I took the real estate exam and passed the state part but failed the national part. I tried 3 times before getting this course and I failed. I took the exam on yesterday and I passed! Thanks so much!

-Gwendolyn Williams

Great tests and great delivery system to learn.

-Daniel Scheid

Love your software. Helped me out a ton on my exam.


I passed my exam first time. Thanks


I don’t think I would have been able to pass without this. I took my classes over 9 months ago and could not remember much at first. Each quiz and practice exam helped me get comfortable with the material. I passed my exam on the first try and I am planning on using this site for my real estate license exams for other states. I highly recommend this test prep site!

-Christina Stanley

I could not be more happy with this course. I passed my Florida exam on the first attempt and I know it was because I completed this. I felt that some of the content was even harder than the actual exam but that made me even more prepared. I will recommend this to so many people.

-Sally DeWitt

It worked! I was able to pass the test on the first try and felt confident about the questions. The quizzes and mock tests were essential to my success and helped me learn where my weaknesses were.


I was hesitant at first getting this, but two days before my exam I started this course and studied it like none other, taking the test LOTS of times and practicing with the flashcards. I took my exam yesterday and felt 100% more confident than my first exam. I actually finished this exam in about an hour and a LOT of the material in this course was on my final. Thank you!

-Dillon H

It’s interesting this course was very good and very different than the books I’d gotten like Barron’s. Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know that after going through the practice quizzes and exams on your Exam Prep course, along with flash cards, etc. I passed my state exam on the first try! Just want to thank you for the great materials in your exam prep. Couldn’t have done it without this material! I will recommend you to anyone I hear is considering entering the Real Estate Sales profession.


Studied my a$$ off with this and passed both state and national in the 80’s. I always recommend it to anyone thinking of getting into the industry.


Thank you Real Estate Exam Scholar, I passed my exam the 1st time! I was able to get through all of the modules in a week, finishing the last one on the day of my exam. It was great to have all of the practice questions fresh in my mind, leading right up to the actual test. Thank you, I will recommend this program to anyone preparing for the salesperson exam!


I took the exam and passed first time! Thanks!! Excellent Preparation!


Just a note of thanks. Blasted through your course in 2 days and it helped me pass my test.


I did PSI prep work and had bought a VT real estate exam prep book, and NEITHER of those helped me as much as Real Estate Exam Scholars!! The courses and materials were actually interesting and not boring!

-Shannon Smith

I purchased this course yesterday as a final ‘cram’ before my exam this morning. I passed on the first attempt–thank you!

After finishing this prep course I took the test and passed! I’m glad I got your card in the mail. Thanks.

Just what I needed. I have my license in one state and just needed to prep for the new state test. I was over-prepared, which is what I wanted. Great value and intuitive immersion strategy.

-Ginger Zambrano

Great Course!

-Jonathan Hanley

Definitely helped me pass the CA sales exam on the first try.

-John Matthews

Thank you so much! The exam has been taken and passed! I bought it for my new buyer’s agent on my team who was struggling with the State portion.  I’ve been in business for 12 years and carry two licenses (AZ CA) so I know how frustrating the testing process can be. Thank you again!


I passed my exam and had only used your program for one day! Thank you so much!


Thank you, I passed my exam earlier this month.


I feel like I’ve learned so much from this program. Provided I pass the state exam, this is the best investment I could have made in my future.

-Matthew Wistrich

I did pass the real estate exam!!! I really liked your exam, and I will recommend it to others that are thinking about taking the real estate exam.


Passed the test 1st time


I passed on the first try! Amazing course for the price – they get the job done.


I used your program and passed my tests 1st time.  It truly helped in my studying.  Great exams. Thank you.


I had The BEST experience with RE Exam Scholar preparing for my California RE exam and passed with flying colors on my first try. Your methodology of glossary, notes, quizzes, un-timed and timed exams was so perfect in the repetition that it deeply embedded the knowledge for me. Thanks!


Great course to review questions.


I took my NYS exam yesterday and received the great news today on eAccessNY that I have passed. This course is great. I bought it a couple weeks ago on a whim at 4:00 am while browsing google. I did a few modules in the following days but did not fully commit until about 2 days before my exam. I completed all the modules in few hours and passed the exam on my 1st try. It was well worth it and it is the cheapest exam prep I located online. Thank you!


I passed!!! I will recommend this website to any of friends going for their license!


5 stars. Course is simple to understand.

-Ramon B. Santos

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that as someone with bad test anxiety and a visual person, this study style works! I felt that I had over studied when I went in for my test and was very confident. Thank you!!


I just wanted to say thank you! I just got back from taking my California Real Estate Salesperson Exam and, while they give us 3:15 to finish the exam, I finished in 1:40 and passed! What makes this more amazing is the last time I took any real estate classes was when I took my principles, practice and law classes……… 1989! Great course, thanks!


Although I completed three courses with another program, I still felt unsure. I registered for this course just one week before I took the exam and passed on the first try! The test was much more difficult than I thought it would be but because of constantly reviewing by taking the course tests I was able to answer the exam questions correctly. I would suggest that you complete the course before taking the test. It made all the difference for me. Thank you!


This course was very helpful and helped me understand the terms in a better view. I love that even if you get a question wrong it gives you an explanation of the correct answer so that u can understand it better.

-Shantara Renee Woods Spann

Hi, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your test materials and exams. I could swear 25% or more questions on the actual exam were exact copy of all test material you provided on your exam, perhaps word by word. I wish I could tell all future applicants about your truly exam scholars!!!


If you are on the fence about purchasing this. Go right ahead and know it WILL be the tool you use to pass your test. For $29 with a money back guarantee it is a no-brainer purchase. I started to study and felt lost, until I found this. Passed my exam first try. Very pleased with this program and it’s process of teaching you exactly what you need to know for the exam.

-Ross Lesperance

I learned so much from taking this course! What a great resource for such a reasonable price! Well done 🙂

-Erika Bates

I passed my test last Saturday. Thank You!


Great questions this will definitely help me on my MO state portion. I have missed it by 1 — 2 times already. I feel better about my upcoming test.


This was a very helpful study instrument. I passed with my first attempt and I studied all the questions here, Tennesse Affiliate Broker.

Thank you!

-Valbona Gjoligaj

I Passed!


Amazing help. I now have confidence going into this test tomorrow. And it is at such a reasonable price to have this feeling of confidence, is too good of a deal to pass up.

Thank you for all that you do!


The information helped tremendously and passed the exam on my first try. I would recommend this to everyone that is preparing for the test.

-Dan from Pittsburgh

I really like the course. The variety of questions are great. I hope the actual NYS Exam is like these practice exams. I am taking the test on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. I hope I pass.


Real Estate Exam Scholar is amazing. I did compucram for a few months and took my exam and fail miserably. The exam seemed almost like a foreign language compared to compucram. I also missed out on compucram’s money back guaranty because of a BS stipulation. After rescheduling my exam retake, I stumbled upon Real Estate Exam Scholar and bought it on a whim 5 days before my exam retake. I wish I would have bought it months ago. The practice exams were almost identical to the exam. After 5 days of using Real Estate Exam Scholar, I felt 100 times more confident going into my exam than I ever did with compucram. I’m happy to say that I passed my national and state real estate agent exam after using Real Estate Exam Scholar for just 5 days. And to be honest, I didn’t even complete all the mock exams! Real Estate Exam Scholar is a life saver!


Passed and great prep software you have. Your responses to my questions were always prompt, professional and above all helpful. Thanks!


Hi. You have one of the best program of all available online, most importantly lowest cost with money back guarantee. Quality of the Quizzes also very high. I just passed my state exam in first try! Keep up the good work. Appreciate your help in my journey. Thanks.


Passed the Mass test on first try thanks to this course. The practice exams were an excellent preparation tool and the ability to retake the exams was a huge help.

Thank you.


I’ve passed my exam, thank you!


I passed my online required course, but I was lost listening to videos about real estate. On March 11, 2018, I started your course. Initially, I was looking up quite a bit of the information to fill the huge gaps left from my flash cards and online course. By the end of eight days, I was passing all mock tests with closed book and ease. Yesterday, March 20th, I passed the Virginia State and National the FIRST TIME THROUGH. Great course. Much appreciated.


I passed! Thank you so much for your program. I took the test today and even though it WAS difficult, I passed, first time! I am very excited to get started in my new career!


I took the exam and passed!


This is the best exam preps I have taken. Now on to the last stretch to get my license. Yay! Thank you.


I took several other courses and they all took so much time that by the time I got to the end I would forget what I learned at the beginning. I was about to give up when I ran across your site. It was like a miracle. Maybe it isn’t the best way to learn for everyone but for me it was perfect. It not only helped me remember the answers but it built my test taking confidence. It’s hard to believe that you have the best prices AND the best method of preparing for the exam. I can’t thank you enough.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I passed my exam thank u


Passed on first attempt! This course was great! Would highly recommend!

-Nowah Levinson

A breeze.

-Jonathan H Proby

Thanks! I passed the test the first time.


It was very helpful.

-Eunkyung Kim

Perfect! Just the review and challenge I needed to prepare for the state exam. I would certainly recommend this series of exercises for anyone preparing for the state real estate licensing exam.


It was all good. Simple, inexpensive, and very clear. I would definitely recommend to others…


The RE Exam Scholar Course was the best choice as a study aid. I was able to do fast exams from my phone, and quickly assess where my progress was at any given point.


My sincerest thank you to real estate exam scholar for the value that they provided me during my studies of real estate. This course strongly embedded the important concepts into my mind and I felt confident going into the exam, and I passed on the first try! I definitely could not have done it without this course. They also were extremely helpful and generous when I presented them with a difficult situation I was in regarding the pandemic and testing cancellation. Highly recommend this course!

-Gianna Elizabeth Gum

Exam Scholar will work on any electronic device that is capable of linking with the Internet. It is on my iPhone, iPad and personal computer that has Windows 8. $29 for six months of unlimited use is a very good deal for any Online Exam Preparation Course. There are lots of exams with more than 1,000 questions total that were designed to be taken in a specific order. This is because each exam is more difficult than the previous exam. The software will not open a “new“ exam until the previous exam has been submitted for grading. Any exam submitted will have all of the answers corrected with explanations.


Your online study program was wonderful.


I purchased the program, studied for 15 days–and I passed! Thanks guys 🙂

-Maya Peters

Really good practice before the exam.

-Chunxiao liu

Your material gave me the confidence that I knew the material.


Thank you very much. I have spent a lot of time and money on other study courses. This is by far the best one for practicing I have seen. Just took a few quizzes and scrolled through the keys, glossary, etc. and really like what I am seeing. Thank you for providing a great study program at a very reasonable price.  Have been a licensed Agent/Broker in California for 30 years and need to retake my Texas test, as I let my license expire, and I am a horrible test taker so need all the help I can get. Please feel free to use my name and comments.


I just wanted to provide some positive feedback of my experience with your preparation course and the California exam.  After going through the RE Exam Scholar curriculum completely, I reviewed my Practices textbook.  I had been able to recognize areas of weakness based on my trending performance on the sample tests.  With that wrapped up the weekend before the exam, I felt confident and at ease going into the exam.  During the test I remained at ease and prepared for all the questions.  Perhaps even over prepared, if there can be such a thing.  Passed on the first attempt two weeks ago, already at work with a prime brokerage.  Thank you for the good prep and the very reasonable price.


I just wanted to say that I was well over prepared for my New York state exam. I actually took your course in four days! I was very confident going in, and knew that I aced it when I left. I got my results back this week and I passed! Thank you so much.


It was Real Estate Exam Scholar I used to help me learn the material to pass the exam by a huge margin.


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