How To Get a Real Estate License in North Dakota


how to get a real estate license in north dakota

How to Get a Real Estate License in North Dakota

Real estate is one of life's most rewarding careers as it opens a person to numerous opportunities, such as visiting incredible properties. And there's more! This career path promotes high independence, offers room for advancement, and allows you to leverage your income.

You must have a valid real estate license to carry out real estate activities in North Dakota. But this begs the question: how do you get a real estate license in North Dakota?

To get a real estate license in North Dakota, you must first meet the following parameters:

  • Be a legal resident of the United States or a duly admitted alien.
  • Be above 18 years old or equivalent.
  • Posses a good reputation for financial integrity, fair dealing, and competency.

You can start pursuing your real estate license if you meet the general requirements mentioned above. Let's now delve straight into the discussion.

How to Get Your North Dakota Real Estate License

Step 1: Complete 90-hour Pre-license Course

The first step to obtaining your North Dakota real estate license is to take a 90-hour state-approved prelicensing course. This coursework emphasizes the following topics:

  • Real estate laws and regulations.
  • Real property ownership/interest.
  • Property management.
  • Duties and powers of the Real Estate Commission.
  • Licensing requirements and other pertinent topics related to this profession.

You can take this prelicensing education in person, online, or with a hybrid model. Upon completion, you'll be issued a final exam in which you must score above 70% to advance to the following licensing step. This exam is not synonymous with the North Dakota state exams but shares some similarities, such as closed-book and closed-note requirements.

After passing the test, your education provider will offer you a course completion certificate to reaffirm your eligibility for licensure.

Step 2: Apply for Your North Dakota License

Next, submit your license application through the North Dakota Real Estate Commission's online portal. You'll be prompted to upload your application or fill it out directly on the portal. The application fee is $150, but the commission also requires $8 for a credit report check, payable through the online pay bill portal.

Note: Cash is not accepted.

Additionally, you must complete the criminal history record check request form so that the commission decides on your eligibility for the real estate license. This form mandates the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation to release your FBI criminal record to the NDREC for inspection.

Step 3: Fingerprinting and Background Check

Once the commission receives your Criminal History Record Check Form, application, and the $158 fee, they'll mail you a fingerprinting kit with the following items onboard:

  • Tamper Proof seal.
  • Two fingerprint cards.
  • List of fingerprinting locations.
  • Envelope to return to the commission.
  • Fingerprint verification form.

From there, you can decide on the most convenient location to schedule your fingerprinting services in advance. You must go to the fingerprinting site with a valid government-issued photo, like a driver's license, and the fingerprinting service fee.

After taking your fingerprints, you will have to mail back the items outlined below to the NDREC's office:

  • Completed Fingerprinting cards.
  • Check or Money Order for $41.25 paid directly to the North Dakota Attorney General.

These items should be inserted into the envelope provided by the commission.

Step 4: North Dakota Real Estate Exam

Immediately after the commission approves your application, they'll send you an approval letter containing your test ID number. Once you receive that ID number, you can schedule the license exam.

PSI administers the state licensing exam. As such, you must create an account on their website to access the scheduling portal, then use your test ID number to book the exam. The exam fee is $131, payable to the PSI website using a debit or credit card.

Tip: It's advisable to use an exam preparation program such as PrepAgent to pass the licensing exam on your first try. Such platforms will enable you to pass both the state and national exam sections using retention tools like e-books.

The state exam consists of 100 nation-related questions and 40 for the state. You will have 150 minutes to complete the national section of the exam and 90 minutes for the state section.

Here are the requirements you must bring to the test center:

  • Two forms of identification bearing your signature. One of your IDs must be government-issued and have your photo.
  • Arrive at the exam center 30 minutes earlier.

The passing mark for the national portion of the test is 70/100, while the state is 30/40. If you fail to meet the target score, your score document will include diagnostic information on your weaknesses and reapplication instructions.

You'll only need to retake the portions that you failed. However, if you don't pass the remaining section within 12 months of your first attempt, you'll be forced to file a new application and pay fees to the commission.

Step 5: Provide Errors and Omissions Insurance

North Dakota requires all licensees to have errors and omissions insurance before being issued a real estate license. This insurance protects you from mistakes made during real estate transactions.

You can procure the insurance from any certified carrier as long as your policy befits what the NDREC offers. NDREC cooperates with Rice Insurance Services to provide affordable E&O insurance coverage for all licensees. However, the price varies depending on the month you enroll.

Step 6: Pay the Real Estate Education, Research, and Recovery Fund

The last step in the licensing process is to pay the Real Estate Education, Recovery Fund, and Education fee. This one-time $20 payment can be made online with a debit or credit card or via mail by check to the North Dakota Real Estate Commission.

Thereafter, you'll have to wait for an email with a copy of your license. To activate your license, you must affiliate with a sponsoring broker who will also support and mentor you during your first years of service.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Dakota?

Real estate agents in North Dakota earn an average of $94,470 per year. This average wage, however, depends on your experience level, property specialty, and education. You can also leverage your income by making more sales.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a North Dakota Real Estate License?

You should budget at least $900-$1,100 to procure your North Dakota real estate license. This includes a $600-$800 prelicensing education fee and $535 for all Dakota fees.

Similarly, one would ask, how long does it take to get a real estate license in North Dakota?

How long it will take depends on how much time you commit to your prelicensing education and other pertinent licensure steps. It could take you less than three months to obtain your license if you commit to this process full-time.

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