How To Get a Real Estate License in Montana


how to get a real estate license in montana

How to Get a Real Estate License in Montana

Are you looking for a job with plenty of room for advancement and a high earning potential? If so, you might be interested in real estate. You can work as a salesperson in this profession to help aspiring homeowners secure fair prices for properties or make invaluable investments when buying estates.

Unfortunately, you can't transact real estate without a valid license. Each state has different parameters for getting a real estate license. In Montana, for example, you must be above 18 years and have completed a 10th-grade education from a state-approved high school or GED to qualify for licensure.

The steps of obtaining your Montana real estate license are relatively easy, even more so if you follow the instructions in this guide. Keep reading to find out how long this process lasts, how much it costs, and the average wage for Montana real estate agents.

How to Get Your Montana Real Estate License

Step 1: Take The Real Estate Prelicensing Course

In Montana, you must complete a 60-hour state-approved prelicensing course before moving on to the next licensure stage. This prelicensing coursework will introduce you to real estate principles and the laws governing this profession.

You can study online or attend in-person classes where you can access learning materials. Some people prefer the online course because it's self-paced, allowing you to focus on other things. However, this option can delay your license issuance since it takes a long time to complete.

After completing your 60 hours of prelicensing coursework, you will be issued a final exam from your education provider. Take this exam seriously because you'll need the course completion certificate to testify that you retained the information from your coursework.

Step 2: Montana Real Estate License Exam

After meeting the educational parameters, it's time to take the licensing exam. The fee for this test is $106.

You must register for the exam through the PSI Montana Real Estate page. After that, you'll be assigned to a specific test center in Montana.

The exam has 113 questions: 80 for section A and 33 for Section B. Section A covers national questions, while section b focuses on the state. You will have 4 hours ( long enough to complete the exam.)

Note: Montana requires all applicants to score 56/80 on section A and 23/33 on section B of the exam. You'll see your scoring document within minutes of finishing the exam. Don't worry if you fail because you can retake the exam as long as you pay the fee for each attempt.

Step 3: Real Estate License Application

You're almost there! You'll be required to complete an application form and send it to the Montana Board of Realty Regulation. If you don't like paper applications, you can do it online using Montana's eBiz Online System.

You must pay a $185 application fee using a bank account or credit card. After that, your application will be reviewed in 5-10 days. After this, you will get an email from the Montana Board of Realty Regulation with a copy of your license.

Step 4: Real Estate License Sponsorship

When you receive your real estate license, it will be inactive, which means you are not eligible to engage in any real estate activities. For this reason, you must find a reputable Montana broker to support you as you establish yourself in this lucrative business.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Montana?

To be precise, you'll need at least $600-$805 to get a real estate license in Montana. This includes $291 for Montana fees and a $299-$514 prelicensing education fee.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Real Estate License in Montana?

Well, it depends on the prelicensing coursework and the test preparation. For example, online courses take a long time to finish, which delays the subsequent steps of license application. In that case, you'll wait up to 6 months to get your Montana real estate license.

On the other hand, the in-person classes take less time to complete, especially if you commit full-time to the coursework. In this case, you will have your license in less than three months.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Montana?

Real estate agents in Montana earn an average of $99,450 annually, but this figure varies according to your property specialty, experience level, and employment setting. Real estate agents are paid on a commission basis, so the number of sales they complete influences their average pay.

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