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Similar California real estate broker exam preparation courses charge anywhere from $49 to $200. In addition, they charge more money for less California real estate broker exam prep material with less time to study. Don’t make the mistake of paying too much! Our enrollment fee is only $39 for the Broker Exam Prep Course. The course includes 6 full months of access to well over 1,000 questions with answer explanations, exam secrets, flash cards, a full glossary, downloadable content, and much more. The course also includes our pass guarantee. Simply put, you will pass the exam on your first try or your money back. If you have questions about the courses, please contact us. This is top notch California real estate broker exam prep at the lowest price anywhere. Don’t delay your success! Invest in your future now by clicking the button below.

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Quizzes, flashcards, glossary, downloadable content, California real estate exam hints and secrets, and more presented in an easy to use interface to promote learning and not frustration. Simply the best California real estate exam prep course you will ever need. Our “Immersion Technology“ simulates the actual California real estate exam environment to offer you the most realistic testing experience. You will pass the California real estate broker exam with ease and you won’t have to pay the outrageous prices that similar exam preparation courses demand. How do we do this? Simple! The California real estate broker exam prep material in the enrolled area is the highest quality, continually updated, and yet the lowest price online. Each exam question and answer is written by real estate professionals and cross examined and edited for accuracy. The design of the course has been created by experts in education, in a way to promote learning, and to simulate the actual exam environment of the California real estate broker exam. We have done the hard work for you and make it easy…all you need to do is take our course and pass the state exam. And remember, in addition to all this, there is no risk because we guarantee you will pass or your money back. See our 5 minute preview video of the “enrolled only area“ below for a small glimpse of what is inside:

Simulated California Real Estate Exams

Randomized Questions and Answers

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Skip Questions to Answer Later

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You can try our California real estate exam prep Flash Cards for free by clicking the button below. These are a 10 card sample of the California real estate exam prep Flash Cards that are in your enrolled members area. By signing up today, you will get the entire 700+ flash card database as well as the entire broker course consisting of over 1,000 exam questions, a full glossary, a reference library, and much more. Try our Flash Cards below.

Ownership of Land

Transfer of Property

Agency Law

Real Estate Practice and Disclosure

Real Estate Appraisal Evaluation

Contract Law

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Math

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We are so confident in the quality of our California real estate exam prep program that we guarantee you will pass your California real estate broker exam or your money back! Our course is set up to allow you the most convenient and inexpensive way to study for the California real estate broker exam. Everything is structured so that you don't need to do extra work. Simply study and pass. Our pass rate is off the charts (in fact it is 98%!) but if for some reason you do not pass your California real estate broker exam on the first try after completing our course, you will receive a 100% refund within 24 hours. Simply set up your profile now and try our course today risk free.

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Our California real estate broker exam prep course works on any type of computing device you have. You can access it from your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android phone, Kindle Fire, etc. It will look and function great on any type of device. If you are visiting us from a mobile device, go ahead and turn your device sideways right now to see the effect. Use anywhere and anytime you need to study! Our online California real estate broker exam prep course is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Pick up right where you left off. Isn’t that great?

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See for yourself how our benefits are the best compared to similar online California real estate broker examination preparation sites. We have done the research for you and compared our course with the top competitors in the online California real estate broker exam prep field. Enroll now and enjoy the longest membership time, the easiest to use interface, the best learning tools, our pass guarantee, and the lowest price online! The main goal of our course is to get you to pass the exam. The secondary goal is to make it the least expensive out there because this business is expensive already. You don’t need more fees just to start. See the comparison chart below for only a few of the areas where we beat the California real estate broker exam prep competition. Invest in your future now.

Benefits Real Estate Exam Scholar License Professor Real Estate Express Compu Cram License Tutor Night Before The Exam Prep Agent Kaplan
6-Month Membership Depends On Plan Depends On Plan
Pass Guarantee Depends On Plan "Satisfaction" Guarantee
Glossary Depends On Plan
State Specific Questions
Flashcards Depends On Plan
1200+ Questions
Mobile Friendly
25+ Practice Exams
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1000+ Questions

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Secret Tips and Hints

Real Estate Math Exams

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Studied my a$$ off with this and passed both state and national in the 80’s. I always recommend it to anyone thinking of getting into the industry.


Passed and great prep software you have. Your responses to my questions were always prompt, professional and above all helpful. Thanks!


It worked! I was able to pass the test on the first try and felt confident about the questions. The quizzes and mock tests were essential to my success and helped me learn where my weaknesses were.


This is the best exam preps I have taken. Now on to the last stretch to get my license. Yay! Thank you.


Great questions this will definitely help me on my MO state portion. I have missed it by 1 — 2 times already. I feel better about my upcoming test.


I purchased this course yesterday as a final ‘cram’ before my exam this morning. I passed on the first attempt–thank you!


So Why Do You Need Exam Prep, Anyway?

The truth is, some people do not need any type of exam prep. You may be one of those people that can ace any test that is put in front of you without any studying. You might be able to remember all the facts and figures you read from a book. You would be what is called ``book smart``. This course may not be for you. This course helps those people that may need exam questions with easy to understand explanations, a more flexible way of studying, to build confidence before exam day, to discover weak areas, to hone their knowledge, or simply those that are serious about their license and truly want to pass the state exam and have a better future. There is a big difference between reading information from a book and actually having an experience of ``immersion``. By enrolling in our course, you will have that ``immersion`` experience and lose those jitters on exam day. While it may be possible for you to pass the exam by hard work without our course, by enrolling you will be sure to pass. We have organized everything for you in a convenient package to allow you to gain the advantage. So why do you need exam prep? So that you will pass when it matters most.

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Have Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question about our California real estate broker exam prep course is not covered, please fill out the contact form below and we will answer your specific question.

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We understand that there are many competitors out there in the California real estate broker exam prep world, but we are confident in our course. We understand that your money is valuable and can be hard to come by. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and we answer every email within 24 hours. Use the contact form with any questions or concerns or simply for more information about our outstanding California real estate broker exam prep course.

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